Workshops for Compassionate Self-awareness, Presence, Serenity, Love, and Joy.


All Workshops: Sundays 1pm – 4pm EST / 10am – 1pm PST

                                                                   Awakening our Inner Light one workshop at a time.

Explore your dreams, transform anger, and understand the dynamics of your communication process as you learn tools for self-awareness and present-moment living, in a compassionate and fun environment.


Listening to our Dreams:
Dreams as Messengers of the Souls

            Dreams are said to be the messengers of the soul! Why wouldn’t we want to listen to them?

Listening to Our Dreams offers understanding of our dreams with a focus on the metaphorical meanings of dreams and how to use them for continued personal inner work and spiritual growth.

When our mind is quieted in sleep, we also have the ability to receive direct messages from our angels and guides. Like Joseph, in the Biblical story who, in a dream, was told to take a different route home, we too may receive angelic guidance in our dreams which are vital to our well-being and enhance our creativity.

This workshop includes your first Dream Circle!


The Dream Circle is free and open to all who have taken the Listening to Our Dreams workshop.

In the Dream Circle we will begin with a group centering, brief sharing, then go into breakout rooms and take turns sharing present or past dreams or dream or dream snippet which still hold power for us. Using the “if it were my dream technique,” learned in the workshop, we offer possible insights into each dream, allowing the dreamer to take what fits and receive insights they might not otherwise have.

The Dream Circle allows every member of the circle, the dreamer and those offering insights, to use the metaphor of the dream for personal understanding and growth.

Working with the dreams of others moves us out of any personal fears attached to the dream, allowing for greater insight, compassion and grace.

The group intention to honor our dreams plays a powerful role in the Dream Circle and in our relationship to our own dreams.

Participants are encouraged to keep a dream journal and to bring it both for sharing when desired and for noting new insights.

Cost: $60    Time: 1 – 4pm ET

First Sunday of every Month
beginning Oct 2021
1pm – 3pm ET Workshop
3:00 – 4pm ET Dream Circle


From Mad to Glad:
The Wonderful Art of Transforming Anger

From Mad to Glad is a 2 day class. Between classes you will receive short (about 10 mins) audio recordings as well as an Inner Listening practice audio recording.

We all experience anger, and most of us unknowingly carry some with us from past wounds. Explore this taboo topic in fun ways through stories, exercises and discussion. Discover why we get mad and how outside events and people are simply triggers, not causes of anger.

Cultivate presence, understanding and kindness for yourself and others. Come away empowered with the tools you need to begin transforming anger, to promote personal growth, and to make the world a more loving place.

Cost: $120   Time: 1- 4 pm ET

2021 November  21 & 28
2022 January 16 & 23
February 20 & 27
March 20 & 27
April 17 & 24
May 15 & 22
June 19 & 26
July 17 & 24


Happily, Ever After:
Couples Communication

Great communication is a key to feeling loved, safe and able to grow in our relationships. It is the basis of any fulfilling relationship. But most of us will choose someone who communicates differently than we do.  Poor communication may cause us to feel disrespected, unloved, and misunderstood.

Those who need to verbally process often choose those who need to get away and think about it. In the end, it is often not the issue at hand that causes stress in a relationship, but the manner in which each partner communicates. Knowing how to communicate with this person who is put together differently than you is essential for a happy relationship.

It is possible to learn to adjust our own communication so as to honor the needs of the other, while still honoring our own needs! In fact, when both of you feel loved, respected, and safe, you desire only the best and highest good for yourself and each other. And, best of all, you can share on a deeper level, further strengthening your bond.

This FUN, small investment will take your relationship to the next level.

All adult couples of all ages are welcome. If you are just starting a relationship or have been together for years, you are welcome!

Cost $120  per couple
Time: 1 – 4 pm ET

2021 November 14
December 12
2022 January 9
February 13
March 13
April 10
May 8
June 12
July 10


The Energy of You:
Understanding and working with your energy

Everything is energy. And, energy is always moving. Our thoughts, feelings, pain, our bodies, and all that is around and within us is energy, no matter how solid it seems. The more we can allow our energy to be open and flowing, the better we will feel.

Once we realize this, a world of empowerment and possibility opens up to us.

Your vital soul energy is light, loving, creative and joy filled. But carrying the energy and perceptions of others, as well as your own old wounds in your space can feel painful, heavy and lead to dis-ease.

In this workshop you will learn visualizations to help you ground, clean, and renew your own energetic space or aura.

You will learn new tools and create your own for energetic wellness. This fun class involves theory, discussion and practice.

Cost: $60  Time: 1-4pm ET

2020 October 31
2022 January 30
May 29
July 31