Workshops for Compassionate Self-awareness, Presence, Serenity, Love, and Joy.


From Mad to Glad: The Art of Transforming Anger

COST: $50

A lot of people are angry now, more than ever. It is wearing them down and they feel helpless to stop it. But we are not helpless. Anger is a sign that something is asking for our loving, compassionate attention. Using a Power Point presentation, we will explore the basic principles of anger through stories and have time for questions and discussion. You will learn that outside events and people are simply triggers, not the causes of anger. This class will help to cultivate understanding, presence, compassion and kindness for yourself and others. You will leave class empowered with the tools you need to begin transforming anger and making the world a better place.

Class will take place with 3 or more participants. Email if interested.

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Happily Ever After: Couples Communication

COST: $90/Couple

Good communication is the basis of any fulfilling relationship. But most of us will marry someone who communicates differently than we do. Those who need to verbally process choose someone who needs time to get away and think about it. In the end, it is often not the issue one is fighting over that causes the problem, but the manner in which each partner communicates. Understanding your own communication dynamics and needs and learning those of your partner are a big step. Then, I’ll help you create a communication dynamic that helps you both to feel loved, safe, and able to grow in your relationship.

This Power Point presentation will leave lots of room for practice and discussion.


Inner Listening


Class description here.